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but what if someone beat your ass in front of your girl what would you do?


any girl that see me get thrown to the bushes aint my girl bruh from that moment we become former business partners im not takin that cause every argument gon be “wait nigga imma get you washed” and nah

she show up at my work talkin bout why you aint asnwerin my calls bae i dont care bout the black eye omari gave you im just gon

The other day I dreamt that I battled drake to a freestyle battle, he won. Then I told him let’s fight and if I win he gotta give me half of his profits from any future album. I whopped his ass and bought a pair of Varsity 6’s with the first check.


when a school bus passes with people from another school


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Not all heroes wear capes

This man is a god

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Beyonce should just be a hypeman

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Number game


I’m bored so send me a number and I’ll tell you what I think of you/your blog