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are you upset about liking someone new or still liking someone from the past?

Still liking someone from the past

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because it's nice and flattering to be liked. especially when you're too busy to know if anyone still notices you.

Well I did and I don’t even know what you look like. So someone near you probably notice, just slow down sometimes.

My little sister snores like a grown ass man.


when your relatives ask you if you’re in a relationship


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Not even kidding. Someone should take me on a date. 

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i hate bugs that fly, jump, crawl, dougie, twerk, 2 step, all that shit

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"I miss how you wanted me."

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How do you fall out of love? (Someone on tumblr answered and I thought they were amazing).

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What are you mixed with??


Henny and coke

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Don't have a kik. But your interest is very intriguing.


Why is that?